Chris Leverich


sees what is and what can be

• Entrepreneur’s passion, attorney’s good sense
• Uncanny smarts about people
• Measured, confident, inspiring

An amazing amalgam of talent and drive, Chris brings a rare skill set to the table. Combine a blue-chip education, a law degree, an entrepreneur’s fire, and you’ll begin to understand this man. Chris sees potential, but understands risk. He balances common sense with a love of possibility. In essence, he was born for his ultimate craft: Aspen real estate. born entrepreneur, Chris knows a thing or two about finding opportunities. He’s the person who can sift through a daunting amount of options and unerringly choose the best one. It’s a talent he shares willingly with those fortunate enough to be his clients. Today, a top producer and an astute negotiator, with imagination and creativity in his back pocket, Chris knows the local scene and the down valley land/ranch market as few do. As founder and driving force at Leverich & Carr, Chris stayed stubbornly independent, preferring the mantle of his own values until the recent and divinely engineered partnership with BJ Adams & Company, now both under the Berkshire Hathaway banner. Today, Chris balances client work with the satisfying goal of mentoring agents, passing along attitudes and values that have held him in good stead in our community for decades. He calls it “instinctual, almost chemical” recognizing exceptional talent.
But make no mistake, Chris is active, not emeritus! From early on, Chris credits his own mentors with teaching him how to be lucky. “It’s an energy you carry with you.”

Forty-plus years of knowing everything there is to know about Aspen. | An intensity that leaves others in awe, and two blue eyes that seem to read your soul as he conducts a normal conversation. | An instinctive ability to assess land, people, and opportunities with cool realism. | An energy that never flags and values that never sag. | The business partner you’ve always wished you had.


Fine points

Raised in Elmhurst, PA - population 500, just outside of Scranton | Witnessed the decline of hard industry | Spent summers working on his uncle’s farm and gained a strong work ethic | Widened his horizons at Blair Academy in NJ, and then Colgate. A law degree at George Mason sealed the deal | Came to Aspen 40 years ago to ski, with just $300 and a station wagon | Stayed for the rest of his life | Claims Aspen has a way of drawing you in and making you love her | Inspired by Nancy Bryant, his wife of 22 years, to achieve his potential, which he has in spades | Passions Loves to read and travel, Argentina and the Dominican Republic, his favorite destinations | What you might not know about him A long time student of yoga and the martial arts.

Email Chirs | C: 970.379.3342 | O: 970.925.5400

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