Cory Didier


your committed ally

• Undimmable enthusiasm
• On her toes—always
• Wisdom beyond her years


What happens when a friendly, forthright Ohio native discovers the Roaring Fork Valley? She moves in a week and calls it her forever-home. A natural go-getter whose eyes brighten at a challenge, Cory Didier is made for our business and our valley. From her dad, a sales exec with whom Cory shares a foundational closeness, she learned the importance of relationships. As she will gladly tell you, though, being solidly Midwestern in her values doesn’t mean for a moment she’s anyone’s fool. Many a broker has found out to his chagrin that the perky young woman on the other side of the negotiating table has a razor-sharp intellect, uncompromising due diligence standards, and unwavering stamina when it comes to her clients’ best interests. Cory cut her teeth with Timbers Resorts, setting off on an international itinerary that took her from Colorado to the Caribbean, Europe and the west coast where she honed her skills with a diverse and discerning clientele. Today, she’s relaxed and refreshingly unimpressed by her own background, choosing to work with Roaring Fork Valley clients and bringing her own unstoppable enthusiasm, her sheer joy in what she does, to every engagement.

Listening and understanding are Cory’s innate talents. If she had a single watchword, it would be integrity. She can be counted upon to have the interests of her clients first and foremost. Whether a transaction culminates or not, Cory’s clients know they have a rock-solid advocate. And they will be back to work with her again (and again) in the future. When asked what keeps her enthused about her profession, the answer was immediate: “No two days are alike.The business keeps me on my toes. Remaining stagnant is not something I’m good at. For some people change is scary; for me, change is something I embrace.”

Creativity and a problem-solving mentality. When obstacles come up, her first instinct is: we will get through this.  A firm believer in professional growth - reads business books like a fiend and is on the cutting edge of technology and the real estate industry.


Fine points

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Close with her dad, who taught her that Midwestern values translate well around the world: honesty, hard work, standing by your word. Graduated from University of Cincinnati in communications (we’d say she excelled!). Visited Aspen for a wedding and moved out the following month; been here for 12 years. Always working and reading to get smarter and better — “digging in” and learning new things. Loves to cook and entertain friends. Married to pianist and composer, Jeff, and mother to Griffin and Blair.

Email cory | C: 970.309.1372 | O: 970.923.2111

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