Doug Nehasil


Unshakable integrity

• Has a heart bigger than his chest.
• Inveterate researcher, master of spreadsheets.
• Not a shred of “look at me” in him.
• Knows the secret, spellbinding places.

Everyone needs a Doug in their lives. A whip-smart, Midwestern-made broker since 1992, he knows Aspen inside, outside, how it works and who’s working it. Doug is one of the highest producing brokers in this valley, with the clearest definition of service going: if you’re happy, he’s happy. If you’re not, he won’t be able to sleep ‘til he makes it better. What he does, he does to perfection. Doug is a master of his craft, a handshake person, a get-it-done-yesterday guy. When you’re out of town, he’ll call you with your personal Nehasil report: the real local news, what opened-what closed, who did what, and how much it actually snowed on Ajax today. When you’re weary, he’ll transport you to his secret river spot, or up a coveted, unmarked trail. As your broker, and in so many other ways, Doug will be there for you, count on it. Before, during, and forever after his work is finished.

In the real estate brokerage business for over three decades, with a refined concentration on the Aspen vacation home market and 1031 exchanges. | Graduated with majors in business and psychology, which is probably why he can find the wiggle room in any negotiation. | Deep background in property management and homeowner association management. | Loves details. Loves clients. Gives them his all. | First in the office, first to return calls, first to find humor in the most difficult of conversations. | Member of the Aspen BPOE (Elks Lodge) for over 30 years. | His longevity in the business speaks volumes about his integrity – more than half his work is comprised of referrals from loyal clients. | Knows the land, the rivers, all the magnificent places in the valley. Lucky us, he shares. | In fact, he shares his business with Kristen Maley, an indefatigable partnership.


Fine points

born in Deer River, Minnesota, and graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College | Married to Lyn and successfully launched his daughter, Paige, into a career in radiology | Has lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for well over 30 years, years full of unbeatable outdoor adentures, as well as meaningful work, managing properties and selling real estate | A man in motion, he skis, plays hockey, hikes, floats rivers, camps, and fishes. He’s been there and done that – just ask him. | Happy to tell you stories about his secret havens.

Email doug | C: 970.379.1148 | O: 970.922.2111

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