Holly Goldstein


proves her mettle daily

• Knows the market, knows her clients
• Goes the extra mile – or two
• Generous and brave in surprising ways

If you see a blur in the office, it means Holly is dashing off to either preview a property or enjoy the outdoors in her back yard. Non-stop is her only gear – and positivity is her game. With twenty years in the business and from a family who has lived, bought and sold multiple properties in the Roaring Fork Valley, real estate is literally in her DNA. Holly’s a natural people-person, a listener who can sense the match to be made between buyer and home, before their conversation ends. Smart, hard-working and taking nothing for granted, Holly leaves no question unanswered, no call unreturned, no detail dangling. She’s also an ally you can depend upon. Realistic and candid, Holly steers buyers in the right direction. If renting is the first step to begin enjoying Aspen, she’ll know a dozen possibilities off the top of her head. And, she can bring a seller’s property to its peak potential with a modern eye for décor – making a suggestion here, or lending a touch of staging magic there. Amidst all her success, Holly remains humble. She’s seen more of life than folks twice her age, a result of her dedicated work as one of the valley’s most committed volunteer firefighters and skilled EMTs. It keeps her keenly aware of how precious is the gift of life. Holly brings deep experience, spirit, energy and commitment to every transaction. Going the extra mile is her mantra.

Loves people. Genuine to the core. Redefines hard work and dedication. Very demanding of herself. Terrific sense of humor that’s entirely down to earth. The patience of a saint. Dedication to detail. In-depth knowledge of the wide open spaces around Aspen. A certified EcoBroker who helps clients make environmentally sensitive choices. Twenty years of experience and a face that belies it. Saves lives in her spare time.


Fine points

Born and raised in Houston | Real estate is in her genes Her family has bought and sold many prime properties in the Roaring Fork Valley over the years | Something you wouldn’t know Her grandfather built Caesar’s Palace and Circus Circus in Las Vegas | Passions Hiking. Telemark skiing. Serious tennis player. | Loves light-hearted, silly movies and losing herself in mystery novels | Has always wanted to go to Greece and Ireland | Gives back A med tech in the Emergency Department at Aspen Valley Hospital. Volunteers over 500 hours a year as a certified EMT-I and firefighter with the Basalt Rural Fire Protection District | Committed to confronting things she’s scared of | What would surprise you about Holly Her sensitivity – she often cries over a sad commercial or a triumphant moment.

Email Holly | C: 970.948.4824 | O: 970.925.5400

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