Joe Zuena


star power

• Honest as the day is long
• Finger on the pulse
• Smart. Driven


Joe Zuena shines bright in this community. You could call his dedication celestial. This man has built an entire company with the mission of catering to Aspen’s most discerning clients. As a broker, he keeps pace with the movers and soothes the shakers. His management skills are legendary; his connections, sterling. When it comes to discretion and trust, Joe’s name might as well be printed on currency. And when it comes to heart, Joe’s pure gold. Just ask anyone who knows him, and you’ll hear about his work with Shining Stars and so much more. We are humbled by his humanity.

He’d Say:  Honesty, truth and decency.  We Say:  Savvy and conviction.  A consummate business professional, whether managing teams, overseeing complex negotiations, or assessing property values, Joe does his work with passion.  “Off the clock” isn’t in his vocabulary.  Oh, and one of the kindest and most caring people we know.  His Clients Say:  When things turn sour, only the cream floats to the top.


Fine points

Born in Rhode Island  | Graduated from Bryant University with business and accounting degree | Came to Aspen in June 1980 and lost his heart | Married to Tori whom he trusts and adores and whose views he very much respects | Nurtured his daughter through cancer and became devoted to Shining Stars, an organization which welcomes kids with life-threatening diseases to Aspen for a week of worry-free fun  | Wears a Big Hat  Executive General Manager for Wyndham Vacation Resorts, charged with developing their business in Aspen/Snowmass  | Downtime You’ll find Joe near the water, often at Lake Powell at the helm of his boat

Email joe | C: 970.618.6188 | O: 970.925.5400

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