Nancy Stover


unerring instincts

• Confidence and backbone
• Genuine love of her craft
• A magnetic field of energy and enthusiasm

Behind Nancy’s warm smile and engaging voice is a born doer. Describe, even in general terms, what you’re looking for and, within hours, she’ll have prospects lined up and appointments made. Nancy’s straightforward approach and natural confidence fill the room. Never afraid of the negotiating table, Nancy is clear who she works for – and that would be you. With a steady hand, she’ll guide the process and not miss a step. Along the way, she’ll thoughtfully consider and artfully suggest, and then at day’s end, she’ll close the deal. Everyone will be smiling. What makes Nancy’s eyes light up is when the conversation moves to ranches. This is where she thrives. One of her best adventures took her to the top of Red Mountain, up a road that scared off other brokers, where she was able to find a parcel – with water rights – adjacent to a client’s existing property. “I have the answer to your prayers,” was all she had to say, and they closed without ever coming out to see it. That kind of trust speaks volumes. Nancy’s energy is insane. Her stories, unforgettable. Growing up on the south side of Chicago in a big boisterous family, Nancy knows a thing or two about carving her own place while keeping everyone on the team moving in the same direction. With elbows-on-the-table candor and boundless enthusiasm, Nancy makes a formidable ally and a great mate.

An optimism that lights up the whole county. | She’s creative, diligent and trustworthy. | Her listings are always perfectly prepared and artfully presented. She knows what works in this market and gives her clients confidence from the outset. | Intuitive, with a talent for finding the perfect property for buyers who aren’t able to find the words to describe it. Nine times out of ten, Nancy will hit it out of the park. | A natural at the negotiating table, Nancy has confidence and backbone without ever being abrasive.


Fine points

Born in Chicago | Graduated from CSU in Ft. Collins, with a degree in physical education | Secret past Spiked her way to a Chicago volleyball championship | Applied those athletic abilities to Aspen’s slopes where she taught skiing for six years | Been in Aspen for 38 years | Lives on a 40-acre ranch, which is why she loves to sell them | Raises llamas in her spare time and gives their wool to charities | What would surprise you about her She plays the fiddle.

Email nancy | C: 970.948.4350 | O: 970.925.5400

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