• Goes to the ends of the earth for his clients
• A market-savvy, numbers-crunching whiz
• A sense of humor that knows no bounds


Whoever invented the term “people person” must have had Tom in mind.  Ask what keeps him in this industry, and you’ll get a sly grin and a sense that a hundred stories lie behind it.  He answers, simply, “It’s the constant unknown of working with different people.  It’s not predictable.“  Call it a gambler’s instinct, the thrill of making the most personal of connections, or the sincere desire to see someone land the home of their dreams — it’s all there, in that smile. Make no mistake, though, there’s a steely intellect at work here.  A wizard when crunching numbers, Tom gives you precise market forecasts and present-day valuations you can take to the bank.  Literally.  A business degree and over twenty years in the profession prove the point. When it comes to positioning a property for sale, few can equal Tom’s marketing savvy.  Details are buttoned up.  Properties are perfectly presented. Exposure is guaranteed.  And, speaking to an international buyer or a quiet-spoken local, Tom engenders trust. Razor sharp.  Dedicated.  Constantly connected.  And then there’s the laugh. Coworkers and clients agree, Tom makes working together fun with a sense of humor that knows few bounds. A gifted broker who has your best interests at heart, Tom elevates real estate to higher ground.


An unwavering sense of duty. | Comprehensive knowledge of side streets, mountain aeries, and the dazzling possibilities of raw land. | In Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley real estate for over 20 years, with 300 transactions and nearly $175 million in sales, Tom has a passion for the business and his clients.  He stays connected to the opportunities and the insider info that makes this market tick. | Deep commitment to the Aspen Board of Realtors, having served in numerous governing capacities. | Energetic, optimistic, with deep-root values, Tom is a man you will call a friend long after the deal is done.


Fine points

Born Glendale, California | Devoted to his wife Amy, and two kids, Anderson and Ava Marie | Graduated with honors from California State University, Fullerton, in business and computer science, and from Cal State, Irvine, marketing and design | Passions snowboarding, running, swimming and biking | Favorite Song  ‘God Only Knows’ (Beach Boys) | Inspired by biographies, especially of those who have overcome great odds to succeed | Life-Changing Experience Miraculous broken back recovery from a snowboarding accident | What You Might Not Know Loves music and plays rhythm guitar, bass and drums.  As a teenager, fronted a garage band, DMA (“Doesn’t Mean Anything”).


Email TOM | C: 970.379.9935 | O: 970.925.5400

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